Dawna Gutzmann, MD &
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About Us

Our Commitment

  • To assist individuals in becoming both highly functional & fulfilled.
  • To meet the need for a comprehensive approach to healing that incorporates a spiritual perspective.
  • To provide a safe, respectful, accepting & nurturing atmosphere in which persons can become more authentic & empowered.
  • To practice the principles of mindfulness, unity, nonviolence, organicity & mind/body wholism.
  • To live in harmony with the earth & celebrate life!



Education & Experience

Dawna Gutzmann, MD graduated from Medical School at the University of North Dakota.  She completed her training in psychiatry at Northwestern University School of Medicine. Since finishing her formal training, she has continued to study a broad range of alternative treatments for mental health challenges.  She has been in private practice for over 20 years. 

Our Style
Since each individual is unique, no single approach is effective for everyone.  We listen to the needs of each client and discern what tools at our disposal would best support their health & assist them in reaching their goals.  It is also important to us to use methods that will provide our clients with tools that they can use on their own for healing, whenever possible.

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