Dawna Gutzmann, MD &
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"Dawna's approach to therapy is through compassion and understanding.  Through active listening, she helps you to uncover what it is that seems dark and lonely.  Walking with you, she helps you to gather pieces of yourself that were once lost, bring them to light and integrate them into a fully present self-awareness.  A very intuitive and well-trained therapist, she has helped me finally find peace with the past.  I would recommend Dawna to anyone who is sincere in their journey to find and regain one's inner strength." L.O., Hoffman Estates, IL

"Dawna has been one of the best guides on my inner journey.  She leads with her gentle spirit & strong sense of Self.  She uses her keen intuition to ask questions so pertinent for the next step in your discovery.  What I so appreciate about working with her is her sense of humor and nonjudgmentalness, which then increases my ability to explore the deepest places within me.  She so freely shares her knowledge & wisdom in each session.  I have enjoyed my time with her & the growth that I have experienced because of this relationship."  D.S., Osceola, IN
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